About Us


Solutions to your vibration problems

With over 28 years of expertise in the field of vibration isolators, Pascalex is your supplier of choice to solve your vibration problems. We have in hand all the necessary software to technically support our decisions, thus avoiding loss of time when selecting vibration isolators for 99% of all applications imaginable.

Whether for vibration problems in all types of industrial applications, marine, rail, military, forestry, mining, agricultural, commercial, institutional, etc., whether mobile or stationary. Tell us about your problems and we will be happy to offer you a well-documented technical proposal that will help you save time and money on your equipment, as well as making the equipment quieter and more comfortable for your operators and their environment.

Our 28 years of experience in polyurethane molding allow us to manufacture from simple to very complex custom parts. Our specialized equipment and unique manufacturing processes are also the key of our success. Since we only produce custom parts, color, hardness and configuration are your own choice, and at the limits of your imagination.