Sylomer Isolators

Complete Catalogue (PDF)

tapis-sylomerSylomer® Pad (PDF)
The AMC Mecanocaucho® Sylomer® Pad product is made to avoid the noise and vibration transmission through the solid material by introducing elastic mounts, with the advantage that we can provide solution to different machines with just one type of product with tree different stiffness.



FZ-sylomerFZ Sylomer® (PDF)
The AMC Mecanocaucho® FZ mounts are composed by two metal parts surrounded by a high resiliency Sylomer®.





pied-machine-sylomerLevelling Machine Mounts Sylomer® (PDF)
The AMC Mecanocaucho® Machine Foot supports for heavy loads. In order to support these heavy weights we use a special mixture of high density polyurethane Sylomer®.




TSR-sylomerTSR + Sylomer® (PDF)
The AMC Mecanocaucho® TSR type anti-vibration mounts include the anti-vibration microcellular foam Sylomer® that offers a high isolation capacity with a small static deformation.





FZH-sylomerFZH + Sylomer® (PDF)
The AMC Mecanocaucho® FZH is a separation system for a concrete slab through an elastic pad that can be raised. The elevation process is done once concrete slab finished its drying period.